Lojer receives recognition for defending its innovation


Lojer receives recognition for defending its innovation

Hospital and healthcare equipment manufacturer Lojer Oy has been awarded the Fennia Prize for IPR Excellence, in recognition of their commendable use and protection of their intellectual property rights with regard to the Manuthera treatment table.  The organisers commended the diverse ways in which Lojer has acted to secure their intellectual property rights internationally. The same competition saw Lojer receive an honourable mention for the innovative product design and advanced technical design of the Manuthera treatment table.

The Fennia Prize is a Finnish design competition in which businesses and organisations receive recognition for exemplary use of design as part of their business operations. The IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) prize is part of the Fennia Prize and is awarded by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office for commendable leveraging of intellectual property rights. Lojer’s Manuthera treatment table is the first physiotherapy product to receive an award in the Fennia Prize competition.

“Developing the Manuthera has been a challenging, almost three year-long project, and a big investment for Lojer.  We have managed to successfully bring together design, healthcare expertise, and mechanical and software design.  The product has been an international sales success, and during its first year it has already been sold to 25 countries around the world.  Our goal was to come up with the world’s best treatment table and treatment experience, and we achieved it,” tells Lojer’s Managing Director Ville Laine.

The Manuthera 242 is a treatment table for orthopaedic manual therapy.  It has been designed for physiotherapists, osteopaths, naprapaths, chiropractors and sports massage therapists carrying out mobilisation, manipulation and deep tissue massage therapies.  The treatment table has unique features to improve ergonomy and lessen the strain of work on the therapist.  The therapy experience will also be more pleasant and effective for the patient.

A Patented Treatment Table that Bends like the Spine

Lojer has taken a number of measures to protect the Manuthera. The company has made use of patents, trademarks and protection of design in such a way that the protections support each other. Immaterial property rights have also been systematically utilised in international markets.

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office issued Lojer a patent in Finland for the Manuthera table in June 2016.  Patent applications are pending in a number of other countries around the world, including the USA, Germany and the UAE.

“The Manuthera 242 flexes like the human spine.  The patented design allows the height of the Manuthera table to be adjusted with two motors simultaneously, across an exceptionally large height range.  The table can also be tilted to an almost upright position with the aid of the motors.  A less able-bodied patient can settle on the table while standing, after which the table can be gently tilted to horizontal position,” explains Ville Laine.

The Manuthera has been developed by naprapath Teuvo Keisala, Industrial Designer Mari Alahuhtala, Product Development Engineer Pasi Koski-Vähälä, Product Development Manager Mika Kuusela and Installation Engineer Pekka Putaja.

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