Massage Tables

Ahead of their time

Finnish manufacturer Lojer has taken a new look at massage tables. Combining top class design with Lojer’s nearly one hundred years of experience in product technology and healthcare, Lojer has come up with something unique - a massage table range representing unsurpassed design and functionality.

Lojer has vast expertise in treatment tables and offers the best guarantee on the market. All Lojer products are manufactured in the company's own factories under carefully controlled conditions, and Lojer's spare parts will be available for years. All of these factors make the Lojer massage table a tool that is a worthwhile investment. The Lojer range includes three massage tables and several other innovative, top quality solutions along that will stand the test of time. The products comply with all relevant medical standards. Learn also about our comprehensive treatment table range.

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Maintenance and spare parts - also for other manufacturers' products.

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