Mattresses and Rescue Covers

Safety, comfort and hygiene

The healthcare professional should always assess the suitability of the product for each treatment situation using the risk assessment scale in use (e.g. Braden, Norton or Waterlow). The assessment should take into account at least the suitability of the product for the person being treated (risk of pressure ulcers, weight limits, dimensions) and the suitability of the product for the bed being used (dimensions and height of the side rails). It should be noted that the height difference between the upper surface of the mattress and the upper edge of the side rails of the bed should be at least 22 cm in order not to compromise patient safety (IEC 60601-2-52:2009).

The products should not be used in patients with a high or very high risk of pressure ulcers. Nor should they be used in patients who are developing or have already developed some degree of pressure ulcer. The mattresses are designed for use in beds with a slatted, slotted or profiled base construction.



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