”Manuthera 242 allows an unlimited number of techniques”


”Manuthera 242 allows an unlimited number of techniques”

The Manuthera 242 treatment table provides relief for muscle tension and flexibility as well as intervertebral mobility. Versatile treatment and diagnosis options ensure the best possible treatment.

Pentti ”Taikasormi” Niemi, the muscular caregiver of the Finnish athletics and wrestling team, uses the Manuthera 242 table for top athletes. Niemi praises the versatility of the treatment table.

- Manuthera 242 allows an unlimited number of different techniques. With creativity, the therapist can also develop new techniques. 

The Manuthera 242 allows three-dimensional movement of the thoracic spine in all directions, which means the vertebrae of the patient’s thoracic spine and ribs can be mobilized in a unique way. The table supports the therapist's work and ensures the best possible diagnosis for patients. The therapist can test the patient's mobility and find out where the tightening or the pressure is.

Several treatments speed up treatment

The therapist does not need to lift or twist the patient, which means the treatment can be more easily and painlessly targeted. This enables shorter intervals between treatments and thus faster recovery. Too little treatment can cause the muscle to stagnate back to its original state.

- That's the human musculature. Even if you open it today, it may be tense again tomorrow. Therefore, it is good to use three or four treatments per week.

You can treat the thoracic spine vertebra by vertebra, and the treatment can be precisely targeted to the desired vertebral intervals. When the patient is lying sideways, the muscles and membranes of the pelvis and buttocks are well exposed. The versatile mobility of the table makes it easy to mobilize and stretch the area at hand.

- The table allows you to apply enough force to the membrane area, which is needed especially when treating athletes, says Niemi.

Treating both athletes and office workers

The Manuthera 242 is especially suitable for athletes. It has good possibilities to handle the upper shoulder area. For example, in the case of athletes who do throwing movements (javelin, baseball etc.), mobility and flexibility of the thoracic and rib support tissues must be well taken care of, in order to maintain a healthy shoulder joint and forearm.

The patient's middle body rotates easily on the table and the patient can be moved safely without pressure on the vertebra.

- It's good to get activity and hydration for dry vertebrae, says Niemi.

The Manuthera 242 also enables gentle but effective mobilization of the thoracic spine and rib joints. In addition to athletes, it is especially suitable for office workers whose upper shoulder region can easily freeze as a result of their working posture.

Narrow table makes it ergonomic

Manuthera 242 is ergonomic for both nurse and patient. The table has various support points that can be used by the therapist. The treatment table is narrow enough for the therapist to use his or her own body weight in various techniques.

- The table is at the same time narrow and sturdy enough, Niemi describes.

The Manuthera 242 treatment table offers a number of possibilities to get the customer in a comfortable and relaxed treatment position. Each therapist has their own body structure and the Manuthera 242 gives them the chance to work ergonomically in the right position.



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