Antimicrobial examination tables for the New Children's hospital


Antimicrobial examination tables for small patients in the New Children's hospital

The new Children's Hospital treats child patients from all over Finland. Patients range from small prematures to 15-year-olds. Many of the most demanding children  conditions, particularly cardiac surgery and transplantation, are treated in the New Children's Hospital. Lojer has delivered nearly 80 antimicrobial examination tables and over 200 hospital trolleys to the hospital.  Families and children have been co-developing the activities of the New Children's Hospital. The activities are very family-oriented: parents can be involved with almost everything during the child's hospital stay. The goal is to keep treatment periods as short as possible, so there is more day and short-stay surgery. For longer treatment periods, the hospital has an unit for youth activities and a hospital school.

- Our goal is to make the New Children's Hospital the best children's hospital in the world. It comes from high-quality and safe care, modern and functional facilities, paying attention to children and families, staff competence and comfort, and active research, says Pekka Lahdenne, a pediatric specialist who has worked as a project manager for the New Children's Hospital.

- In the New Children's hospital, children are not passive patients, and they have been in focus when designing interior design, measuring furniture and windows and developing digital services. However, the best thing is that families can be involved in the care of children at all times, even in intensive care.


Examination tables for children

High quality, usability and suitability for patients of different sizes was emphasized when medical furniture was acquired. Lojer has delivered nearly 80 pieces of 4040X examination tables to New Children's Hospital

- 4040X has the lowest height adjustment in the market. It is as low as 40 cm, so the table is particularly well suited for a children's hospital: even the smallest patients can easily get to the table. Height can be adjusted up to 95 cm, says Lojer's Sales Director Jouni Maksimainen.


Antimicrobial furniture

Lojer 4040X examination tables are antimicrobial. Antimicrobial hospital furniture is used to reduce the risk of cross contamination and improve the hygiene of contact surfaces.

Reducing the risk of cross contamination is of paramount importance to us. It has already been taken into account in the planning of hospital facilities, says Pekka Lahdenne. The body of the Lojer 4040X is painted with an anti-microbial coating, and silver ion technology is used in the upholstery.

- Accessories available with the table include antimicrobial copper or painted surfaces. The clear structure of the table also makes cleaning easier. Adjustment of the table can be done with the help of foot controllers, so the contact with the patient remains uninterrupted and at the same time ensures the smooth running of the treatment, says Jarmo Laakso, Lojer Regional Sales Manager.



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