The Lojer Group Expanded Greatly and Strengthened Its Market Position

The Lojer Group Expanded Greatly and Strengthened Its Market Position

The 2011 financial year brought the Lojer Group the largest turnover in the Group's history, 18.6 M€ (a growth of 27%). The Group made a operating profit of 7.3% of its turnover. Lojer's Managing Director Ville Laine says that they are particularly pleased that the company has greatly strengthened their position in the hospital and care equipment markets. “In our domestic markets in Finland, Sweden and Russia we saw a growth of over 30%. We were also able to expand the number of our skilled staff in Finland, now employing 140 people. We are now clearly the industry's leading employer in Finland by an even greater margin,” explains Ville Laine.

Because of its impressive profit Lojer Oy has been granted AAA credit rating, which has been given to only around 9% of companies in the industry. In terms of exports Lojer's products have sold particularly well in Sweden and Russia. New export countries in 2011 included Poland, South Korea and Kazakhstan.

According to Ville Laine, Lojer plans to make significant investments in production in 2012, launching new and exciting products.



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