The 2020 Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic of Finland to Lojer

The 2020 Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic of Finland to Lojer


The 2020 Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic of Finland to Lojer

“We proudly export Finnish products”

The Sastamala-based hospital and care furniture manufacturer Lojer has received the Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic of Finland for the year 2020. Managing Director Ville Laine sees resilience and courage, as well as high quality and flexibility as the keys to Lojer’s export success. These aspects arise from the company’s own design and manufacturing.

“The award is a valued recognition for our resilient exportation work that was started in the 1960's. We have always bravely entered new geographical areas and product segments. This excellent development can be attributed to our innovative, open-minded and committed personnel throughout the whole hundred years of operation,” says Ville Laine.

Founded in 1919, Lojer has evolved from a workshop producing iron hand-pumps into the largest manufacturer of hospital and care furniture and producer of lifecycle services in the Nordic Countries. Lojer products are used in over 115 countries. Around 60% of the turnover comes from exports, and for example in operating tables the figure is over 95%. The most important export areas are the Nordic Countries, Central Europe, Russia, and Middle East.

“Export is our growth driver. The turnover of the entire Lojer Group was about 40 million euros this year, and the growth year-on-year was about 25 per cent. The turnover has almost doubled during the past five years.”


Production flexibility was tested during the corona spring

Production flexibility was tested during the corona spring as the demand for hospital beds and transport stretchers increased exponentially at the outbreak of the pandemic. The capacity was sold out in a month in all of Europe. Also at Lojer the orders increased by dozens of per cents.

“In April-May, we produced more hospital beds than ever before in our history. We made an unforeseen effort to respond to our customers’ urgent need. During the crisis, it was valuable help to many Finnish and European healthcare operators.


Global success comes with quality, not price

Out of all the Lojer products, 80% are of Finnish content, and the company acquires its materials and components from domestic and regional suppliers wherever possible. Finnish designing and manufacturing guarantee high quality and traceability, which is important in the health care industry.

“Our global competition comes from the big global corporations, and we do not compete with them with price. Our strengths and competitive advantages are due to the high-quality, excellent usability and durability of our products. We also receive good sparring from Finnish healthcare sector. If our products make it in Finland, they will also make it elsewhere in the world,” says Ville Laine.

“Manufacturing products in Finland is a choice that we want to make. It is important for us to maintain Finnish design and production. We are proud of the Finnish industry and we are proudly exporting it to the world,” emphasises Ville Laine.


Bravely with the stamina of a marathon runner

Lojer started to manufacture hospital and care furniture at the end of 1970s, and their export began around the same time.

“Successful export business requires the stamina of a marathon runner. We have formed relationships with our partners over a long-term. For example, we have had the same Norwegian partner since the 1960s. We have also bravely entered new areas, for example Africa, where a Finnish company was still a rarity in the 1970s,” says Ville Laine.

The actors of the Team Finland network (including Business Finland, ELY Centres, Finnvera and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs) present their proposal on companies and communities deserving of the award to the President. Professional organisations gave suggestions for candidates.



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