Lojer to supply hospital beds for the New Karolinska Hospital


Lojer to supply hospital beds for the New Karolinska Hospital

A significant move into the Swedish market – Sales to Saudi Arabia have also begun

The Finnish Lojer Group has been selected as one of the hospital bed suppliers for the New Karolinska Solnan (New Karolinska Hospital), which is currently under construction in Stockholm.  Lojer also began exporting products to Saudi Arabia in the latter part of last year.  The company’s exports have grown steadily, with over 60 percent of production now going abroad.

Both Sweden and Saudi Arabia are important openings in new markets for Lojer.  Lojer was chosen to supply hospital beds for the New Karolinska Hospital after the project was put out to tender internationally.

”The tendering process selected three bed suppliers, and we found ourselves in impressive company: the other selected companies are two of the world’s largest hospital equipment manufacturers,” says Lojer Group’s Managing Director Ville Laine.

The first Lojer beds have already been shipped to Sweden from the company’s Kempele production facility.

”The Karolinska Hospital is a respected pioneer with worldwide recognition, and the new hospital that is being built is one of the primary European projects in this field.  This is a considerable merit for us, and being selected for this project has already increased interest in our company from other countries as well.

Exports to Saudi Arabia quadrupled – the growth continues

One of the most interesting markets at the moment for Finnish healthcare technology products is Saudi Arabia.  The export of healthcare technology products to Saudi Arabia grew as much as 40 percent in 2014.  Lojer is also seeking to establish itself in this growing market.

”Saudi Arabia is a new market area for us, which we first ventured into a few years ago.  Our efforts are already starting to show results: our sales to Saudi Arabia quadrupled in 2015 compared to 2014, and we expect them to double again this year,” says Laine.  ”For this spring we have already signed a deal for a new order worth over half a million euros, including the supply of products such as operating tables, treatment tables and patient chairs.”

In the autumn of 2015 Lojer supplied 70 electro-hydraulic operating tables, complete with accessories, to Indonesia.  The total value of the deal was around two million euros, making it the largest single orfer in Lojer’s history.  Lojer’s exports have tripled in the last ten years.



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