Lojer Speed Pulleys - How Movement Fysios is using them?

Lojer Speed Pulleys - How Movement Fysios is using them?


Lojer Speed Pulleys - How Movement Fysios is using them?



Movement Fysios Vantaa was founded by Antti and Mia Marttinen in 2017. Before establishing their own clinic Antti and Mia both used to work in a big private medical center. Antti explained that when working in a private medical center he felt like he couldn't help the patients to the full, since there was lack of room for training and rehabilitation. Antti has studied the long OMT-training program and Mia the long Maitland and Mulligan training program. Antti and Mia both have a backround in sports physiotherapy, so it is only natural that many of their current customers are athletes either rehabilitating their injuries or just maintaining strength. Additional sports training is a fast-growing trend and coaches, athletes and everybody involded understand that to reach and stay in the top level, you need to train also outside the court, rink and sportsfield. 



Movement Fysios offers services to customers with musculoskeletal problems. The biggest customer group is athletes and people with work related problems, such as back pain. Common rehabilitation cases include post-operation rehab for shoulders, knees and ankles. Average customer visits the clinic 4,3 times, but the variation is everything from 2 to 20 visits and from a week to several months of rehabilitation. Most (about 80%) of the customers pay for the services themselves, while a minority of customers are supported by an insurance company or their employer. When visiting Movement Fysios you immediately realise that they have a lot of training equipment and different kind of tools to make the rehabilitation process more effective and suitable for every individual customer. Antti states that when they are purchasing new equipment they want to have a reliable partner, whose products they can rely on. Price isn't the number one factor as they want long-lasting equipment that are of high quality and contribute to their clinic brand.


Using Lojer Speed Pulleys

Movement Fysios needed a movable pulley since they use it in different locations inside the clinic depending on the customer's needs and other equipment needed for the rehabilitation. They compared different options available, but soon it was clear they wanted to have the Lojer Mobile Speed Pulley. Range of accessories, good warranty terms and previous experience with Lojer products made it quite easy to choose Lojer's product. They use various handles and straps as accessories to make the usage even more versatile.

"We use the Lojer Mobile Speed Pulley with various types of patients. With some patients we use it for basic strength endurance training and with some for lower limb proprioception, movement control and other precise exercises. We´ve also found out that it works great with dynamic exercises for neck, shoulder and upper back region cases.”

”Great advantage with Lojer Speed Pulley and it´s low starting resistance (500 g) is that we can start the rehab and exercises early after trauma or operation. It is important to start the strength and movement skill exercises when the pain allows it. This way we get the best results in the long run. Another great advantage that the Speed Pulley has is the constantly even resistance no matter how far away you exercise or how big is the range of motion.”




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