Lojer receives a major order for operating tables from Indonesia


Lojer receives a major order for operating tables from Indonesia

Lojer Group, a Finnish manufacturer of hospital and healthcare equipment, has won an international competitive bidding process and will deliver around 70 operating tables with related accessories to Indonesian hospitals within the public healthcare sector.

Indonesia is strongly renewing its healthcare and medical services, and medical equipment and accessories are a part of this effort. “We will supply, by the end of the year, around 70 operating tables and their accessories to hospitals within the public healthcare sector in more than ten locations in Indonesia. The hospitals are located on the major islands of Java, Sumatra, Bali, Borneo and Papua. The operating tables are manufactured in Finland and used for one-day surgical procedures and for demanding back and heart surgery. The order is all the more important considering that all of the world’s leading suppliers of operating tables were involved in the competitive bidding process,” says Lojer Group CEO Ville Laine. A promising market area  Exports account for approximately 60 per cent of Lojer Group’s total production and around 95 per cent of operating tables. Indonesia is one of the company’s most important export market areas. During the past few years, Lojer has delivered dozens of electrohydraulic operating tables with accessories to the country. Indonesia, which gained independence from the Netherlands in 1845, is a promising market area with a population of more than 250 million. “The country’s large population and growing prosperity offer plenty of opportunities also to Finnish healthcare companies. Lojer’s success is based on high-quality products, active sales on site and a good local distributor who has also received sales and maintenance training in Finland. We connected at a fair in Germany a few years ago,” says Export Director Pekka Koski from Lojer Group. “Modern operating tables are complex entities that include, among other things, electric and hydraulic systems, wireless controls and software. An operating table costs about as much as a medium-sized family car. Our operating tables are used in 35 countries on all continents. The most distant destinations include Chile, South Africa, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand and Trinidad and Tobago.”



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