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    Lojer Medical Service

    For the Entire Life Cycle of the Product

    It is critical to the safety of both patients and healthcare workers that healthcare equipment remains in good order and fulfils the relevant standards for the whole of its life cycle. Throughout the usable life of a piece of medical equipment (over 15 years), servicing and spare parts costs are significant in comparison to original purchase costs.  Lojer complements its comprehensive range of hospital equipment by offering its customers a wide range of maintenance and service solutions to keep their products in good order.


    Care Contracts

    A totally new kind of concept, our Functioning Care Facility service ensures that a hospital or care facility always has safe, working equipment. Lojer owns and takes full responsibility for the equipment and its maintenance; the customer has a facility with modern equipment that functions as it should, and where equipment is fully maintained and serviced regularly by the manufacturer.

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    Long-term rentals (leasing) are equipment rentals lasting many years. No capital is tied up in equipment, and the costs are easy to budget for years in advance, lessening the financial risk associated with procuring equipment. After the rental period the equipment returns to the seller, who takes responsibility for its residual value.

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    Spare Parts

    We provide statutory annual maintenance, repair service and spare parts for our customers all over Finland - including products nor manufactured by Lojer. With professional maintenance, the equipment lasts for a long time and the life cycle cost decreases. We promise that you will always get the lowest price for spare parts to Lojer products from us. Contact us!

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    Wir liefern unsere Produkte schnell und zuverlässig, weltweit.

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    Wir bieten Ihnen zahlreiche verschiedene Zahlungs- und Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten.

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    Wir bieten Ihnen umfangreichen Service von der Wartung bis zur Ersatzteilversorgung und Reparatur vor Ort.

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