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    Machine Washable ScanAfia X ICU W Krankenhausbett

    ScanAfia X ICU W Krankenhausbett

    Machine-washable bed for exceptional long-term use

    Main features:

    1. Electropolishing stainless steel (AISI 304) frame structure designed for exceptional long-term use (optional)

    2. Meets the requirements of the bed standard EN 60601-2-52 also with regard to machine washability

    3. Includes special electrical functions such as Trendelenburg, CPR, and cardiac positions



    The machine-washable ScanAfia X ICU W hospital bed is ideal for use in a wide range of hospital wards. A nurse control panel, which comes as standard, allows bed functions to be locked off from patients. The bed includes special electrical functions such as Trendelenburg, CPR, and cardiac positions. The back section slide mechanism prevents the patient from slipping towards the foot of the bed and improves comfort. Despite its impressive safe working load (SWL) of 340 kg, the ScanAfia X ICU W is light and it's standard 150 mm twin castors make it easy to move.

    The bed is designed for long-term use in hospital environments and is available in both 80 cm and 90 cm versions. Made of electropolished stainless steel (AISI 304), the frame is designed for exceptionally long-term use, taking account of the wear caused by machine cleaning (optional). Electropolishing smoothens out microscopic surface variations, which helps to loosen dirt and clean the bed. It also improves the corrosion resistance of the steel, thereby prolonging the lifecycle of this machine-washable bed. Surgical instruments, for example, are usually electropolished. As a standard, the X ICU W comes with a painted frame and polished side rails and bed ends.


    The Scanafia X ICU W hospital bed also meets the bed standard EN 60601-2-52 requirements for machine washability, and fulfils the AK-BWA recommendations for machine-washable equipment and the ISO 15883 suitability standard for equipment washers/disinfectors.


    Technical standard features:

    • Safe Working Load (SWL) 340 kg
    • Trendelenburg 21°(12°) / Anti-Trendelenburg 18°
    • Ø150 mm twin castors and directional wheel
    • Bed level vertical lift movement reduces the space requirement
    • Removable ends, available in the standard colors white, blue, and green
    • Bed frame with stainless steel ends and sides (AISI304)
    • Nurse control panel
    • Battery-powered
    • Back section sliding mechanism
    • Electrical CPR function, mechanical CPR back section
    • Mounting for supporting belts
    • Roller bumper
    • Integrated bed-level extension of 20 cm
    • Integrated place for 2 lifting poles and 2 IV poles
    • Safe 24v electrical system. Splash-proof electrical parts with high-quality protective earthing
    • Breathable, hygienic ABS plastic at lying surface
    • Painted frame and polished side rails and bed ends
    • Finnish Key flag product (guaranteeing made in Finland)
    Total width (inc. side rails) 90 or 100 cm
    Patient surface width 80 or 90 cm
    Total length 216 cm
    Height adjustment range 34 - 84 cm
    Total weight (without rails) 108 kg (80 cm width), 110 kg (90 cm wide)
    Recommended mattress size 78/88 x 13 x 205 cm 
    Castors Ø150 mm twin castors and directional wheel | Antistatic EC (thermoplastic rubber with superior water resistance)
    Safe Working Load (SWL) 340 kg
    Electronic Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg 21° (12°) / 18°
    Back section adjustment 0 - 70°
    Thigh section adjustment 0 - 30°
    Calf section adjustment 0 - 11°
    Electrical system 24V, Protection Class of Electrical Components IPX6
    Akku 2.25Ah (noin 2000 latauskertaa)
    CE marked Yes
    Country of manufacture Finland

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