Scandia SC330 Operating table

Electrohydraulic Operating Table

The Scandia is a modern electro-hydraulic operating table offering market-leading functionality, adaptability and design.  The Scandia operating table is suitable for all types of surgical procedures.  The Scandia is a reliable, easy to use long-term solution for the operating theatre.

The modular table top has been designed to follow the joints in a person’s body, providing optimum support for whatever surgical procedure is taking place.  The table is height adjustable between 650 - 1010 mm, and the optional sliding top makes it even more adaptable to different kinds of procedures. The modular table top has been designed to follow the joints in a person’s body, providing optimum support for whatever surgical procedure is taking place.


Main features:

  1. Three double wheels allow easy manoeuvring and rotating the table in position
  2. Small hand controller that can be used with one hand
  3. The sections of the 6-part top can be easily changed according to the needs of different procedures

Excellent Ergonomics – Flexible Adjustments and Easy Adaptability

  • The electrical adjustment of the modular table top works smoothly and precisely, guaranteeing total comfort and safety for both patient and healthcare staff.
  • The different parts of the table top are easily changeable into different configurations, depending on the position requirements of different surgical procedures.
  • The thin, light construction of the table top allows safe, ergonomic and obstruction-free working for healthcare staff.
  • Optional sliding table top allows procedures such as full body C-arm scans to be carried out safely and easily.
  • The lowest height setting (just 650 mm) is exceptionally low, but still leaves enough space under the base for the feet or for a Mayo table.

Maximised Load Capacity, Stability and Manoeuvrability

  • The safe working load (SWL) of the Scandia is up to 350 kg. The large weight capacity facilitates operations on particularly heavy patients, which are becoming more common.
  • The ingenious design of the Scandia creates an ergonomic, free working environment.
  • Its unique locking base mechanism makes the Scandia an extremely stable operating table.
  • Moving and transporting the Scandia is effortless, thanks to its three balanced double wheels and the optionally available electric direction wheel or motorised wheel.
  • Two powerful batteries ensure reliable, uninterrupted operation every day.

Two Hand Controllers and Bluetooth

  • Every Scandia operating table is equipped with two hand controllers.  One of them can optionally be replaced by a wireless Bluetooth controller.
  • Clear, logical symbols ensure the correct selection of functions, even in challenging working environments.
  • The mobile phone-sized hand controller is designed for single-handed use; its ergonomic design and materials are top quality.
Technical data
Total length 2070 mm
Width 550 mm (615 mm with side rails)
Safe working load (SWL) in normal orientation 350/280 kg (depending on assembly)
Safe working load (SWL) in reverse orientation 250 kg
Total weight 260 kg
Castors 3 x 125 mm
Floor clearance 20/80 mm
Height adjustment 650 - 1010 mm
Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg 30°/30° (or 35°/25°)
Lateral tilt (right/left) 20°/20°
Back section (up/down) 70°/35°
Foot section (up/down)  90°/90°
Head section +26°/-58°, can be raised 135 mm
Longitudunal slide (optional) 300 mm
CE-marking Yes. The Scandia Operating Table SC330 complies with the following standards: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-2-46 ja IEC 60601-1-2.
Warranty 2 years


Factory installed options:

  • 4th castor

Other accessories:

  • ​Sliding top 300 mm, electric
  • Motorised driving wheel system
  • Directional wheel system
  • Stainless steel base and column covers
  • Bluetooth hand control
  • Override, battery driven
  • X-ray cassette tunnel + cassette holder

Our comprehensive selection of accessories is designed to complement operating tables, offering high-quality accessories to enable the tables to be used for many specialised procedures. All materials and components used have been carefully selected and manufactured. The safe, simple fixings and ergonomic design save time and make the surgical process more efficient. The well-formed surfaces provide comfort and safety for the patient. Most Lojer accessories are made for standard 10x25mm side rails, making them suitable for any operating table brand.

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All Lojer products that are meant for patient care fulfil MDD requirements and are CE marked medical devices.

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