Anaesthesia & Infusion

We have updated our range of Operating Table Accessories.

Please find the current and accurate product codes, range of products and such details from the new catalogue: Operating Table Accessories 2017/170863.pdf


10310 Anaesthesia frame, clamp included
60328 Optional extension arm

10311 Anaesthesia frame, flexible, clamps included.


Lojer transfusion stands are used for a number of applications in hospitals, health centres, doctors’ surgeries and homes.  They can be attached to Lojer’s various beds, examination and surgical tables, or wheeled around on their own stands. Lojer transfusion/IV stands are supplied with a quick adjustment as standard, which allows adjustment using one hand and makes work easier for nursing staff. A chrome-plated or stainless steel frame can be chosen, depending on the usage environment. Lojer transfusion stands are manufactured in Germany.

60120 Scandia IV-pole for all furniture
Straight stand std 10x25mm for side rails (requires clamp). Stainless steel, diameter 18mm. 4 hooks with a capacity of 4x2kg.  Single-handed height adjustment.

60125 Scandia IV-pole for all furniture
Angle adjustable model std 10x25 mm for side rails (includes clamp).  Stainless steel, 2 hooks, capacity 2x2kg.  Single-handed height adjustment 1070-1660mm. Can be attached to the side rail of an operating or examination table, for example.  Universal – fits any 10x25mm rail, regardless of manufacturer.

60123H IV-stand, straight model with castors 
Chromed steel, 4 hooks, capacity 4x2kg.  Single-handed height adjustment 1260-2110mm.  Castors 5x80mm, of which 2 are lockable.  New heavier base, overall weight 8 kg

60127 Heavy duty IV-stand with castors
Stainless steel/ aluminium 4 hooks, capacity 4x2kg.  Single-handed height adjustment 1500-2350mm.  Twin castors 5x75mm, of which are lockable and conductive.  Heavy duty base, overall weight 11 kg

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Tested, Safe Products from Lojer

Our tested products are manufactured according to ISO9001 standards. Lojer care products fulfil EU directives 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive) and IEC 60601-1-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment Safety), which are required for products to be CE marked.

All Lojer products that are meant for patient care fulfil MDD requirements and are CE marked medical devices.

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