Merivaara Baby Crib 381

Safe and adjustable infant bed

Infant bed Baby Crib 381 is a handy aid for the nursing of newborns. The crib can be positioned across the bed of the mother, thus allowing convenient access to the baby. The large Ø100 mm castors make the crib easy to move and they are equipped with brakes (2 pcs) to hold the crib safely in place. Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg adjustments are stepless.

The baby Crib 381 is light to handle and easy to clean. Baby Cribs can be stacked together for transportation or storage. The frame is chrome plated, mattress base perforated and the crib of transparent acrylic.


Main features:

  1. Safe and sturdy
  2. Easy and light to move
  3. Easy to keep clean

Other features: 

  • Chrome plated frame
  • Crib is of transparent acrylic
  • Baby hygiene mattress available
  • Metal net accessory basket at the bottom of the bed (optional)
Technical data
Length 870 mm
Height 980 mm
Width 530 mm
Trendelenburg 12°
Anti-Trendelenburg 12°
Castors Ø100 mm (2 lockable)
Width of mattress base 392 mm
Weight 11 kg
Country of manufacture Finland
CE marked Yes

Other accessories:

  • Baby hygiene mattress 
  • Metal net accessory basket at the bottom of the bed 

Lojer acquired Merivaara's hospital bed business in May 2019. The agreed deal includes Merivaara’s hospital and examination beds, stretchers and birthing beds. From now on, Lojer customers will receive both the Lojer and Merivaara hospital furniture, as well as their spare parts from the same company.

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