Field Operating Table

Tested by civilian and military field hospitals all around the world

The Lojer Field Operating Table has been developed in close cooperation with the Red Cross and the Finnish Army, and it has been used in civilian and military field hospitals all around the world. The customers include British and Israeli army, and the table also has Nato -coding.
The Field Operating Table is manufactured from high quality raw materials. The metal frame is made of epoxy-coated steel and table top is made of waterproof plywood board. Table is fully mechanical; all the functions are manually operated, nevertheless providing sufficient number of features to execute efficient field operations. The table also features 10x25mm siderails for accessories. Installation and operation are extremely easy and when the table is not in use it can be folded to save space.

The entire table is designed to fit into a carrying box measuring 78x38x41 cm (= 0,12 m3), and the table weight approx. 75 kg. The aluminium carrying box is built for rough conditions and is dimensioned according to the Red Cross standards. The mattress is 50 mm thick, size 190 x 50 cm (in four sections) and all the other accessories can be packed in a similar carrying box.

  • Adjustable height between 68 -90 cm at approx.5 cm intervals
  • Legs have a hole for fixing the table to the floor or to the ground
  • Total width 50 cm, both sides have stainless steel rails for fixing accessories (according to universal standard)
  • Mechanical Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg adjustment
  • Angle adjustable back section and foot section
  • Angle adjustable head section with breathing hole
  • Entire foot section can easily be removed and gynaecological section can be installed
Technical data
Transport package 78 x 38 x 41 cm
Overall length (with head plate) 2020 mm
Width 500 mm
Safe Working Load (SWL) 150 kg
Table weight 65 kg
Table height 680..900 mm (50 mm steps)
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 20°/ 32°
Gas spring assisted back section (up/down) 30°/ 72°
Gas spring assisted leg section (up/down) 26°/ 83°
Head section (up/down) , detachable 29°/ 87°
Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture Finland


  • gynaecological kit (including fasteners, stainless bowl, pair of leg supports)
  • arm support
  • IV pole
  • arm board
  • other accessories from Lojer Scandia selection
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