Close Partnership Between Lojer Oy and Suomen Putkilaser Oy Continues on New Premises

Close Partnership Between Lojer Oy and Suomen Putkilaser Oy Continues on New Premises

Lojer Oy and Suomen Putkilaser Oy have been working together closely for many years, and co-operation moved to a new level in the autumn of 2012 when Suomen Putkilaser Oy opened a new facility in Sastamala on Lojer's premises. Year after year Lojer has ordered ever-increasing quantities of laser-cut tubing from Suomen Putkilaser. Planning for even closer co-operation began early in 2012 and became a reality towards the end of the year when the newly refurbished production facility was opened for Suomen Putkilaser.

“Nearly all Lojer products are manufactured using tubes” says Ville Laine, Lojer's Managing Director. “By having our subcontractor on the same premises with us we can save a huge amount on logistics and in time. Through this partnership, we aim to open new channels in product development, and I believe being located in Sastamala, Pirkanmaa will also bring Suomen Putkilaser new customers.”

Lojer Oy and Suomen Putkilaser Oy have adopted the ultra-modern Trumpf tube laser system. The system is needed for cutting the tubing, and features a turning cutter, which makes it possible to make diagonal cuts in the tubing. The investment required was around 1m €.

Lojer has also invested in laser technology by purchasing a sheet cutting system. This gives the companies a unique position; between them they now have laser technology for working with both tubing and sheet metal. According to Laine, Lojer invested around half a million euros into the system, and it has created employment for four people.

“Lojer has also made other investments, such as machinery and computer systems, and will continue investing in machinery throughout this year in order to increase production. In total Lojer will have invested over 2m euros in its manufacturing facilities over 2012 and 2013, and the new investments will have created up to ten new jobs,” reveals Laine.

2012 was the best year yet for the Lojer group, with a turnover of around 22m euros. The company has a strong order backlog, and Laine says he is waiting for the joint production process with Suomen Putkilaser Oy to be set in motion during 2013.

A Presence in Pirkanmaa for Suomen Putkilaser Oy

Suomen Putkilaser Oy offers metalworking services for tubing and profiles using the latest technology. The company's Managing Director Janne Niemi says that co-operation with Lojer has deepened during the company's seven-year history to such an extent that opening a facility in Sastamala became a natural option.

“In this way we are bringing our expertise near to an extremely important customer. With Lojer we can develop our co-operation even further, and are able to learn from Lojer's production processes” says Niemi.

Niemi believes that new markets in Pirkanmaa will open up to Suomen Putkilaser through Lojer. Already the company has three employees working at the company's 750 m2 facility in Sastamala. Towards the end of 2013, when the new laser cutting equipment is running at full capacity, the unit will employ 6-7 people.

“We are happy to offer our expertise to any companies in the region in need of laser-cut tubing. Our location near the border of Pirkanmaa and Satakunta is excellent for marketing our services,” Niemi says.



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