Afia 4060 Gynäkologischer Untersuchungsstuhl


Afia 4060 Gynäkologischer Untersuchungsstuhl

Flexible and easy adjustments

Main features:

1. Motorised height, back section and seat section adjustment

2. Small footprint: overall length 140 cm

3. Motorised Trendelenburg position adjustment


The Afia 4060 is an easy to use examination chair that has been developed specifically for gynaecological and urological procedures. It features a two-part top, flexible and easy to use adjustment options and a good level of equipment as standard, such as a neck pillow and paper roll holder. The chairs are available in several upholstery options and colors. 

The 4060 features electric height adjustment as well as seat section and back section adjustment with a hand control. The chair can also be used in the Trendelenburg position.


Technical standard features:

  • Hand controller
  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Electrical back section adjustment
  • Electrical seat section adjustment
  • Electrical Trendelenburg adjustment
  • Adjustable heel supports
  • Bowl, includes fixings and adjustment parts
  • Paper roll holder
  • Neck pillow
  • Multiple upholstery colors and several high-quality upholstery materials available
Height adjustment 61 - 98 cm
Upholstery width 59 cm
Upholstery length 122 cm
Back section length 87 cm
Seat section length 31 cm
Back section adjustment -7 - +70°
Seat section adjustment 0 - 25°
Electrical Trendelenburg adjustment 0 - 7°
Total weight 75 kg
Safe Working Load (SWL) 150 kg
Castors 2 x 65 mm, 2 x 150 mm
Electric system 24V
CE -marking Yes
Country of Manufacture Finland


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