Fysicon Basic Hygienmadrass


The Finnish-made Fysicon Basic is an excellent standard mattress for hospital and care home use.  The inside of the 12 cm thick Fysicon hygiene mattress is made of HR-35 material, in which one side of the mattress has a V profile.  The covering is made of a polyurethane-coated, breathable hygiene fabric, which is liquid-proof.  The zips on both sides of the mattress feature a double-sided insulation strip to stop liquid ingress via the zip into the mattress.

The mattresses are ignitability class SL 1 (flame and cigarette test - IMO FTPC Part 9) and liquid-proof but still breathable.  Normal care requires only wiping with diluted cleaning or disinfecting agent, and when necessary washing at 70-95 °C and careful tumble-drying at low temperature.  In order to lengthen the service life of the mattress, turning it both lengthways and widthways is recommended.

  • Designed for hospital use
  • Covering is liquid-proof, polyurethane-coated hygiene fabric
  • Zip protected from moisture ingress by double-sided insulation strip
  • Also available in V profile (profiled surface softer than the smooth side)
Teknisk specifikation
Thickness 12 cm
Fire Safety SL1
Padding Eterlon HR35 (35 kg/m3)
Recommended patient weight <100 kg
Country of manufacture Finland

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