Capre BC Beauty Chair

Luxurious, Versatile Treatment Chair

The luxurious Lojer Capre treatment chair has been designed together with beauty professionals to fulfil today’s treatment requirements.  Pleasantly soft contoured imitation leather, individual adjustment possibilities with three motors and luxuries such as a stand for a tablet PC and an LED light combine to make a product that enhances the image of any clinic or treatment centre.  The chair is universally suitable for cosmetologists, masseurs, pedicurists and tattoo artists, among others.

The control system allows electrical adjustment of the chair height as well as the angle of the back section and seat section. The control system also allows use three pre-programmed positions for the chair. Moving to pre-programmed position happens easily by pressing just one button. The head section has a face cut-out and features lengthways adjustment and angle adjustment mechanisms.  The leg sections are gas spring adjusted and they can be fully turned to the side, out of the way.  The leg section also features lengthways adjustment.  The arm rests can be turned 180° and the optional multi-function arm rests also feature angle adjustment.

The Capre BC is manufactured by Lojer in Finland, and spare parts will be available for years to come.  For example, the upholstery can be updated to keep with the times if desired.

  • Luxurious anatomically contoured upholstery
  • Two colour options for the plastic parts
  • Castors for moving the chair, centrally lockable
  • Hand controller
  • Motorised adjustment of back section
  • Motorised adjustment of seat angle
  • Motorised height adjustment
  • 3 pre-programmed positions
  • Gas spring adjusted, sideways folding leg sections
  • Head section length and angle adjustment
  • Arm rests stay horizontal regardless of back section angle
  • 180° rotation of arm rests
  • Safe, quiet 24V electrical system, USB charger
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Multiple upholstery colors and several high-quality upholstery materials available. Read more about the options and f.ex. product-spesific availability »
Teknisk specifikation
Total length 186..213 cm
Height adjustment 60..85 cm
Castors Ø 75mm, centrally locking
Back section adjustment 0°..+90°
Head section adjustment 0°..10°
Back section length 600 mm
Seat adjustment +12°..0°
Seat width 620 mm
Total width 880 mm
Leg section adjustment -90°..0°
Arm support adjustment 0°..180° rotation, -45°..+20° angle
Safe Working Load (SWL) 160 kg
USB output Power 4W
Electric system 24 V
Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture Finland
  • Foot controller for height adjustment
  • Tray
  • Tablet PC stand with flexible neck
  • Plug for face cut-out
  • Decorative stitching in the upholstery
  • LED light

Tested, Safe Products from Lojer

Our tested products are manufactured according to ISO9001 standards. Lojer care products fulfil EU directives 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive) and IEC 60601-1-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment Safety), which are required for products to be CE marked.

All Lojer products that are meant for patient care fulfil MDD requirements and are CE marked medical devices.

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