Afrodite Beauty Chair

Popular Treatment Chair Offering Excellent Value for Money

The diverse Afrodite treatment chair is ideal for beauty and foot treatments.  Adding the optional extra arm rests to the sides of the face section creates a luxurious treatment table for massage, whole body treatments or different types of therapy.  All Afrodite chairs feature leg section length adjustment and adjustment of the head section angle.

The Range

22100 AFRODITE 1M Treatment Chair Single motor chair with motorised height adjustment, and manual back section tilt adjustment with a gas spring.  The arm rests turn to the sides to make it easier for customers to get in and out of the chair.  Height adjustment range 64 - 84 cm.
22101 AFRODITE 2M Treatment Chair Two motor treatment chair with motorised height and back section adjustment.  Height adjustment range 64 - 84 cm.
22102 AFRODITE 3M Treatment Chair

Three motor treatment chair with motorised height, back section angle and seat front edge angle adjustment.  The height and the angle of the front edge of the seat are adjusted by foot pedal and the back section tilt by hand controller. The impressive height adjustment range 60..94 cm gives therapist giving foot treatments an ergonomic working position.

Due to its many adjustments this chair is an ideal multi-purpose chair for cosmetologists, masseurs,  pedicurists, tattoo artists etc. etc.

  • Electric motor for height adjustment, height range 60 – 94 cm (model 3M)
  • Adjustment of leg section up to 120 cm
  • Electric motor for back section angle adjustment
  • Electric motor for angle adjustment of seat section and leg sections
  • Gas spring assisted adjustment of leg sections
  • Leg sections can be lengthened
  • Height and sideways adjustment
  • Adjustable neck support / face section
  • Height adjustable arm rests to the sides of the face section as an optional accessory
  • Multiple upholstery colors and several high-quality upholstery materials available. Read more about the options and f.ex. product-spesific availability »
Teknisk specifikation
Overall length 195 cm
Height adjustment range 64..84 cm or 60..94 cm
Safe Working Load 200 kg
Electrical system 230 V
Weight 60..75 kg (depending on model)
Warranty 3 / 10 years
Country of manufacture Finland

22400 Foot Bowl Practical, small and easy to move foot bowl.  The frame is made of chrome-plated tubing and is equipped with four castors.  A pushing handle to help move the bowl is available as an optional extra.  Our range of consumables includes protective bags that fit the bowl to increase hygiene.
22402 Foot Bowl Handle Chrome-plated pushing handle to enable easier manoeuvring of the foot bowl.


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New Upholstery Options

Check out our range of new upholstery options. Brand new in the range are the anti-bacterial and disinfectant-proof Skai Clinica upholsteries.