Medical Fitness

Co-ordination, Endurance and Strength – Safely

Lojer has been manufacturing medical training therapy (MTT) equipment for over 20 years. Lojer MTT equipment is currently in use in almost 50 countries.

Lojer’s Pulley ensures the best possible therapeutic training, focusing on circulation, co-ordination, endurance or strength (depending on the training programme). With its range of available accessories, the Lojer Pulley is one of the most versatile MTT training devices on the market.

In addition to adjusting the weight load, Lojer’s Speed Pulley also allows adjustment to the speed of the movement. Pulleys can be complemented with accessories and attachments as well as Lojer’s MTT training benches, which help train the patient in exactly the right way.

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For Medical Training Therapy
Versatile rehabilitation and speed training exercises
The Movable Pulley Device

For all kinds of basic physiotherapy exercises
Suitable for different types of back tests