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Top Selling Range of Examination Tables

Lojer’s modern, easy to use examination tables have been designed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals to best serve their needs. To ensure consistently high quality, our tables are made in Finland using the latest manufacturing methods and technology.

Our popular Afia product family has been specially designed for demanding applications, where patients are moved whilst on the examination table. The tables adapt to a variety of different examination and treatment scenarios, and a number of accessories from our wide range can be combined to meet different needs.

The Lojer Capre is a versatile examination table designed for working within an examination room environment.  Flexibility, adjustability and quiet operation combine to create a functional, user-friendly table.

We give our products the best warranty on the market, 2/10 years. 

Our wide range of upholstery (including antibacterial and conductive options) and accessories help create a solution for every customer’s needs.

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A new, versatile general examination table
An innovative general examination table for demanding use
Ease of Use, Even in the Most Demanding Environments

The Professional’s Choice – Versatile Afia Examination Tables Have Been Made to Work!
Sturdy, Versatile Examination Table

Sturdy, Versatile Examination Table
Sturdy, Versatile Examination Table