Antimicrobial hospital equipment

The Lojer Antimicrobic product range is designed to prevent microbes from spreading. Microbes travel from person to person via touch surfaces: from a person’s system to their hands; from their hands to a surface; from the surface to another person’s hands; and from their hands to their system. This is why we have paid special attention to critical touch surfaces in designing our products. We aim to create solutions for maintaining a high and an extremely high level of hygiene. Antimicrobial solutions and new materials reduce the risk of infection and increase the safety of both patients and medical professionals.

1. Antimicrobial upholstery
The upholstery is treated with advanced silver ion technology. The efficiency of the treatment is based on the natural ability of silver to eliminate microorganisms. The upholstery also has a vinyl cover, which prevents bacterial growth that causes smells and stains, thereby prolonging the lifetime of the upholstered parts. The material is extremely durable, waterproof, fade-resistant and flameproof. Its abrasion resistance is 300 000 in the Martindale scale (artificial leather is usually 50 000 to 100 000). It is easy to clean and endures disinfectants (e.g. chloramine and cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide). The upholstery complies with REACH regulations and is environmentally friendly.

2. Antimicrobial powder coating
Critical frame structures and metal parts are coated with Teknos antimicrobial powder coating, which is wear and corrosion resistant. The coating contains silver phosphate glass, which is based on technology developed by BioCote, the leading research and development company in antimicrobial technology. Silver is added to the paint or the varnish, which guarantees performance throughout the product’s lifetime. Cleanability, design and choice of materials are considered in the design phase of Lojer products, and together with antimicrobial coating, they provide altogether more hygienic surfaces.

3. Touch-free adjustment
The height adjustment of treatment tables and medical examination tables, for example, functions without manual control with either a 360° foot bar or a hands-free foot adjustment bar. With examination tables, both the table height and the back section are adjusted with the two-piece hands-free foot control. These solutions are designed to minimise manual adjustments, thereby ensuring uninterrupted care and maximum efficiency. No extra time is lost to changing gloves or disinfecting hands, for example. Furthermore, from a safety viewpoint, there are no additional wires on the floor, and the table can be easily controlled from both sides.

4. Copper and copper alloys
Copper is known to be the most efficient antimicrobial material that naturally prevents microbes from growing and spreading. Antimicrobial copper is a touch surface material approved and verified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This includes metal alloys with a copper content of over 60 per cent. 99.99 per cent of bacteria dies within two hours of touching the surface. The antimicrobial properties do not wear out or disappear with use, and the oxidation (patination) of the copper surface does not affect its antimicrobial effect. Products containing copper are safe for people and the environment, and they are entirely recyclable.

5. Antimicrobial laminate
Lojer Antimicrobic products use high-pressure laminate with an impervious sheet surface. Maintenance and cleaning is easy, and the laminate can be used in machine washable products. It can also be used in products that require a high level of hygiene and have a high risk of infections spreading via the material.

6. Handles and other antimicrobial surfaces
With the help of the silver ion technology developed by BioCote, a leading research and development company in antimicrobial technology, we are able to give the necessary critical surfaces an antimicrobial property. These surfaces include side handles and various adjusting knobs. Touch surfaces below upholstered parts are shielded with protective plates coated with an antimicrobial paint, which allows the surfaces to be touched and cleaned throughout. For some products, there are also antimicrobial wheels available that prevent bacteria from spreading between rooms.