Multi-Tilt Table

Strengthening and Getting Patients Back on Their Feet

The tilt table is designed for helping patients get back on their feet and for strengthening therapy.  The table features electrical height adjustment 45-80 cm, and electric angle adjustment from horizontal to 90 degrees.  Quality construction and features ensure patient safety.  The table is ergonomically designed, and the top is upholstered to a high standard, complete with cushioned edges.  The hand grips can be locked into stainless steel rails at the sides of the table, and their position is steplessly adjustable.  The product features two attachment straps as standard, as well as a wider belt to support the patient’s lower limbs.

The split foot board angles can be individually adjusted.  The Multi-Tilt table features a two-part top with gas spring assisted angle adjustment, centrally locking casters, manual tilt function emergency lowering and a breathing hole.  Adjustable angle foot board with anti-slip surface. A standard color is Platin, other colors are an optional extra. Optional feature is also hand grips with elbow supports and an attachable work surface with padded elbow supports. 

The Range

Multi-Tilt 14400M Centrally lockable Ø125mm castors as standard. Adjustable angle foot board with anti-slip surface. Split, individually adjustable foot board.

  • Electric height adjustment
  • Electric angle adjustment
  • Side rails (10x25 mm)
  • Adjustable angle foot board
  • Hand grips
  • Attachment betls (Knee attachment belt and hip/chest attachment belt)
  • Centrally lockable Ø125mm castors
  • Maximum load (SWL) 180kg
  • Standard color is Platin, other colors are optional. Read more about the options and f.ex. product-spesific availability »
Technical data
Length 190 cm
Width 67 cm
Angle adjustment range (electic) 0..90°
Angle adjustment speed () ~27 s (full movement)
Height adjustment range 45..80 cm
Safe working Load (SWL) 180 kg
Weight 120 kg
Electrical system 230 V
CE-marked Yes
Country of Manufacture Finland

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Tested, Safe Products from Lojer

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