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We have updated our range of Operating Table Accessories.

Please find the current and accurate product codes, range of products and such details from the new catalogue:

https://media.lojer.com/public/ENG Operating Table Accessories 2017/170863.pdf



6010485 Laminectomy frame, pair of cushions with abdominal cut out, manually operated.


6010480 Kidney elevator, height adjustment with a manual crank. Adjustable width (490-550mm) to fit various operating tables.


60295 Device for spinal positioning. Five different height position. Incl. lateral supports.


60335 Bowl 9l with drainage, clamps includes.


60116 X-ray cassette tray, suitable for cassettes max 465x390mm.

60250 Trolley for accessories.


6010440F Proctology attachment, height adjustment 490- 690mm. SWL 200kg.

60270 Foot control, 3 programmable function.

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Tested, Safe Products from Lojer

Our tested products are manufactured according to ISO9001 standards. Lojer care products fulfil EU directives 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive) and IEC 60601-1-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment Safety), which are required for products to be CE marked.

All Lojer products that are meant for patient care fulfil MDD requirements and are CE marked medical devices.

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