Manuthera 241 Mobilisation Table


The Manuthera®  241 has been designed for manipulation, mobilisation, massage and mobility therapy professionals.  It features unique multi-traction functions to aid the therapist in their work.  The Manuthera folds into therapeutically and anatomically key positions, and the frame features bearings in all moving parts to allow smooth, quiet motions.
Mobility treatment can be carried out 3-dimensionally using traction, flexion, lateral flexion and rotation.  The table tilts up and down, allowing gravity to be used in treatment.  The 3-dimensional movements of the lower body section can also be carried out in this position.

The lower body section tilts steplessly almost to the floor, enabling easier access for patients onto the table.  The face section also features extension/flexion, lateral flexion traction and horizontal lifting/lowering (hi-low) possibilities.  Both the face section and the lower body section feature unique, almost frictionless lateral flexion.  The Manuthera also has a unique traction drop function in the hip area.

  • 3-Dimensional head section with extension, flexion, lateral flexion, horizontal hi-low and traction. It also features unique frictionless lateral flexion. These functions enable the therapist to carry out passive tests of the patient’s cervical spine.  The patient can also bend their head laterally, for instance in neutral tests; this enables the therapist to support the patient’s shoulder and arm.
  • Traction combined with the desired motion allows therapists to utilise totally new kinds of mobilisation, manipulation and traction treatments.
  • With the help of the horizontal hi-low feature the optimal position can be reached for various types of cervical spine treatment.
  • The 3-dimensional motion of the mid-body allows frictionless lateral flexion with no movement in the gas springs.  This allows extended treatment sessions with less force needed, whilst also increasing the lifespan of the hydraulic system.

  • Electrical table top height adjustment with 360°  foot bar
  • High quality electric motor, battery operation available as an option
  • Single-handed adjustment of arm rests
  • Centrally lockable castors
  • Choice of 13 high quality upholstery options (SKAI). Learn more for availability and features.
  • Maximum patient weight 160 kg
  • Warranty 2 years
  • International training courses available
Technical data
Overall length 157..180 cm
Table width 57 cm
Head support length 38 cm
Middle section length 42 cm
Foot section length 72 cm
Height adjustment range 57..91 cm
Safe Working Load 160 kg
Total weight 128 kg
Electrical system 24 V
Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture Finland
  • Battery operation
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