Lojer Operation table accessories


This competitive selection of accessories is designed to complement operating tables in surgical procedures. These high-quality accessories ensure the tables to be suitable for many specialized procedures. All materials and components used have been carefully selected and manufactured. The safe and easy fixing and ergonomic design provide efficient and time saving surgical process. The well formed surfaces provide comfort and safety for the patient.

Lojer Accessories are suitable for use in all standard 10x25mm siderails, ask more to our sales.



Visco elastic Foam (VEF), or memory foam, has an open cell structure that reacts to body heat and weight, moulding to your body and helping to relieve pressure points and therefor reducing the risk of pressure sores. Thickness 75 or 120mm.

Standard moulded mattresses are made from integral skin polyurethane and they are easy to clean reducing the incident of "hospital aquired infection". They offer excellent patient support and are fully flame retardant, anti-static and contain no latex. Thickness 65mm.


ENT Back sections (Ear-Nose-Throat), OT2050 short and OT4050 long, are being used for example in different kind of ear, nose and throat operations. Those can be used also in plastic surgery and in eye-surgery, when the surgeon needs to get as close the patient as possible or the approach is taking place from different angles. ENT Back sections have a built-in adapter, which makes it possible to use different kind of Scandia narrow head sections. ENT Sections have, as well, side rails, if there is a need to use some additional accessories. Mattresses are attached by a Velcro attachment.

OT4050 ENT Back Section Long
OT4051 Mattress VEF 75mm ENT Long

OT2050 ENT Back Section Short
OT2051 Mattress VEF 75mm ENT Short


Anaesthesia frame, clamp included, code 10310. Optional extension arm available,
Code 60328

Anaesthesia frame, flexible, clamps included,
Code 10311

Read more our infusion stands


Armboard with one hand balljoint release, clamp included, without cushion, code 10380. Model 6010387 includes also a rotatable clamp function. Length of both models 605mm.

X-ray transparent Armboard, clamp included, code 10385

Comfort, viscoelastic and antistatic cushion (concave) for armboards, code 10382H

Concave cushion for armboards, injection moulded, code 10382

Arm and hand surgery table with detachable supporting leg, clamps and cushion included, code 10390

Full-size (86x41 cm) carbon fiber arm operating table. Includes supporting leg and the clamp, code 603235
Mattress (50mm) 603236 is sold seperately.

Multi-Task Armboard (post Ø18 mm), lockable ball socket combined with 15cm of horizontal travel, code 60322.

Elbow support, clamp includes.
Code 6010366


Rotary rod clamp Ø20 mm, stainless steel.
Code: 61283L

Rapid rod clamp, aluminium.
Ø18 mm code: 60264
Ø20 mm code: 61264

Easy lock blade clamp for accessories with flat mounting blades. Code: 60200


Table width extender, width 104mm, height 500mm (pair, incl. mattresses), code 10423. Also available in 240mm length.

Lateral support (ø20 mm), wide. Code 51461416. Require clamp 61264/61283L

Lateral support (ø20 mm), narrow. Code 61406. Require clamp 61264/61283L

Vertical supporting roll (ø20 mm). Code 61421. Require clamp 61264/61283L

Horizontal support roll (ø20 mm). Code 10369. Require clamp 61264/61283L

Lateral support, swivelling soft pad. Circular, code 603211 & rectangular, code 603212.
Both requires clamp 60200.

Shoulder support, pair.
Code 61253
Requires clamp 61264/61283L

Foot support, pair.
Code 7510175
Requires clamp 61264

Padded leg and body belt, wide.
Code 10464

Patient strap, Hip/Chest length160 cm.
Code R7842

Wriststrap, clamps included.
Code 10370

Legstrap, clamps included.
Code 10372


Gas spring assisted 3D soft pad stirrups, pair. Stirrups allow for easy adjustment of abduction and lithotomy while maintaining the sterile field. They enable safe and easy positioning while providing enhanced surgical site access. Code 60320. Requires two clamps 60200

Arthoscopic leg holder, code 6128920
Requires clamp 61264/61283L

Leg holders (Ø20mm) with ball joint (pair), code 10450. Requires two clamps 61283L. Optional straps available.

Padded strap for leg holders,
Code 10452

Gyneacologic/urologic section, 400mm (female/female). Code 60150
Matress, 75mm visco elastic, Code 60155

Leg board with cushion (ø20 mm),
Code 61120110

Split leg section (pair)
for SC330: code 60160
for 310H: code 60160W
Visco elastic 75mm mattress, code 60164
Moulded mattress, code 60123

Divided leg section (pair). Includes 75mm visco elastic mattress.
Code 60161

Lightweight leg plate, length 820mm, weight with the mattress only 6kg.
Code 60140
Viscoelastic mattress 75mm,
code 60145

Foot control, 3 programmable function.
Code 60270


Adapter for special head rests,
Mayfield® compatible. Code 60110

Flexible head support for ENT-, plastic
and eye surgery. Code 60327.
Requires adapter 60110

Head rest for neurosurgery.
Code 6010335. Requires adapter 60110

Circular head cushion, code 10333


Laminectomy frame, pair of cushions with abdominal cut out, manually operated,
code: 6010485

Kidney elevator, height adjustment (8–19cm) with a manual crank, code 6010480.

Divice for spinal positioning. Five different height position.
Incl. lateral supports.
Code 60295
Requires clamps 61283L

Bowl 9 l with drainage, includes clamps.
Code 60335.

X-ray cassette tray, suitable for cassettes
max 465x390 mm. Code 60116.

Trolley for accessories, code 60250

Proctology attachment,
code 6010440F.
Height adjustment 490-690 mm, SWL 200kg.

Side rail extension
Code 60134

Carbon fibre plate (without mattress) Code 60141.
Mattress code 60145 (pic)

Gyne-bowl 6l, steel, w/o drainage. Reguires clamp 61264
Code 60330

Gyne-bowl 9l, steel, with drainage. Code 60340

Instrument table, code 60630, side rail attachment, requires clamp 61264


Orthopaedic extension device for orthopaedic operations and traumatological treatment of fractures. Code 60290.

Tilting tractor for orthopaedic attachment
(Ø20 mm). Code 60291

Leg board with
cushion (Ø20 mm).
Code 61120110

Clamp (Ø20 mm) for orthopaedic
attachment. Code ES106

Extension bar accessory rail.
Code ES15334


Scandia back plate module for Shoulder surgery, electrically adjusted with removable side sections. Adjustable head support (helmet) with comfort cushions,
Code 60280-2

Side support for shoulder module,
code: 602801

Safety belt w fastening rod (clamp included) for shoulder module. Code 602806

Special head rest for shoulder module. Code 602806


Doro Set-1
Include: 3001-00, 3002-00, 1001.001, 3004-00, 3005-00, 60110
prone, supine, lateral position, fixation with pins




Operating Room Gel Positioners provide superior pressure relief, patient safety and – protection. Gel pads are extremely durable, easy to use, designed to be stable and easy to handle before and during the operations. Pads are reusable and durable because those are coated with polyurethane film, it protects the pad also from moisture and from external damage or foreign material. Material of gel positioners is also latex free and biocompatible.

Position pads and cushions is available in different sizes and shapes, those are used during different types of surgery to support the parts of the body of the patient. Cushions must hold the patient in the right position and must expand correctly the pressure in order to avoid for example pressure ulcers.

 We have two different type of Gel Positioners available; filled with gel-foam or gel.

Gel-Foam Posiotoner #NEW#

  • gel on top in contact skin and foam offers effective pressure relief
  • foam base at the bottom reduces the weight of the positioner
  • stable foam base maintain the shape of the positioner and the lightness of the product makes it easy to use

Gel Pad

  • 100% polyurethane gel is soft like skin and underlying tissue
  • reduces the pressure on tissues during the operation
  • MRI compatible and X-ray translucent

Head and neck

Closed Head Ring, child 14x6x3.5 cm
SS6110 gel-foam / SS6111 gel
Closed Head Ring, adult 20x7.5x4.5 cm
SS6120 gel-foam / SS6121 gel

Open Head Ring, child 14x6x3.5 cm
SS6130 gel-foam / SS6131 gel
Open Head Ring, adult 20x7.5x4.5 cm
SS6140 gel-foam / SS6141 gel

Head Pad 28x23x14.5 cm
SS6150 gel-foam / SS6151 geeli

Prone Head Rest  27x23x7 cm
SS6160 gel-foam / SS6161 gel


Armboard Pad 60x12.5x2 cm
- available only with gel filling
 -  / SS6211 gel

Armboard Pad, Contoured  52x15x5.5 cm
SS6220 gel-foam / SS6221 gel

Heel Support Cushion, inflatable  (1 pc) 39x26x5 cm
- available only with gel-foam filling
SS6230 gel-foam /  - 

Heel Support Pad (2 pc) 20x11x7 cm
SS6240 gel-foam / SS6241 gel

Crutch Stirrup Pad  40x25x1 cm
- available only with gel filling
 -  / SS6251 gel



Operating Room Gel Positioners provide superior pressure relief, patient safety and – protection. Gel pads are extremely durable, easy to use, designed to be stable and easy to handle before and during the operations. Pads are reusable and durable because those are coated with polyurethane film, it protects the pad also from moisture and from<

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Tested, Safe Products from Lojer

Our tested products are manufactured according to ISO9001 standards. Lojer care products fulfil EU directives 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive) and IEC 60601-1-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment Safety), which are required for products to be CE marked.

All Lojer products that are meant for patient care fulfil MDD requirements and are CE marked medical devices.

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