Järven Exclusive Hygiene Mattress

A Comfortable and Durable Mattress

Ease of cleaning means that hygiene mattresses are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and home use.  The mattresses are fire-safe and don’t need separate plastic covers, which also means they do not become uncomfortably sweaty.  Because they do not attract dust, hygiene mattresses are ideal for asthmatics and those with dust allergies

Swedish-made Exclusive hygiene mattresses are made of fire-safe polyethylene foam.  They are also covered with liquid-repelling Lentex covering, which stops dirt and moisture ingress.  The mattress does not need a separate cover.  The mattress is also approved for use with MRSA patients and patients with contagious diseases, and for those with allergies.  The 13 cm thick mattress features a three-layer structure.  The mattresses are recommended for patients who are in bed most of the time.  The mattress is also flexible enough to use on a three-section bed.  It is durable and easy to clean.  Recommended for patients weighing under 130 kg.

Lojer has designed a breathable, removable ABS plastic base for its beds that is especially suited for use with hygiene mattresses.  The ABS base lengthens the life of the mattress significantly in comparison to traditional mesh bases.

  • Lentex is the unique thin, flexible hygiene surface layer in our hygiene mattresses.
  • Lentex is stretchable, soft, and flexible. 
  • It keeps urine, faeces, blood, secretions and other fluids from penetrating the surface of the mattress.
  • Lentex can reduce the risk of spreading infections
  • Easy to keep clean using soap and water (disinfection when needed with alcohol).
  • 5 year warranty for Lentex surface adhesion and 3 years for structural fatigue to the foam.
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Tested, Safe Products from Lojer

Our tested products are manufactured according to ISO9001 standards. Lojer care products fulfil EU directives 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive) and IEC 60601-1-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment Safety), which are required for products to be CE marked.

All Lojer products that are meant for patient care fulfil MDD requirements and are CE marked medical devices.

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