Glance to Lojer's history (2/2)

Finland is celebrating its 100th anniversary in the year 2017! To honor the celebrations, we are presenting some of Lojer’s most important milestones from its history, reaching back almost 100 years. You can check the first 6 milestones from here »

Part 7

In the 1980s, Konepaja made large investments in electrical mechanics, CNC technology, robot welding and a powder coating line, which enabled the accelerating development of the company. Thanks to its own iron and aluminum foundry and investments in machinery, the company had the possibility to produce all healthcare devices by itself, right from square one.

Vammalan Konepaja wanted to be a trailblazer in the IT field as well, which meant large investments in the latest IT devices. A MikroMikko 1, which was one of the most modern computers of its time, was acquired in 1983. What might one be able to achieve these days with the computer, which was equipped with a 2 MHz processor and a 5 MB hard drive?

Part 8:

In the 1980s and 1990s well pumps were developed for African conditions and particularly for usage that was suitable for women. The pumps were lauded for being easy to use, easy to maintain and also for their durability. In 1991, as much as a quarter of the turnover of Vammalan Konepaja came from developing countries. Therefore, separate factories were set up in Tanzania and Ghana to manufacture the pumps. ⠀

The President, Tarja Halonen, visited the factory in Tanzania a few decades later in 2003 and was delighted by what she saw: "We're always thinking about how to get companies into the poorest countries; the really poor ones. Everyone knows that there's been no great rush into them. The pump factory of Vammalan Konepaja is a good example of a company that continued operating in Tanzania even after state support to them ended.”

Part 9:

Vammalan Konepaja bought hospital bed manufacturing and marketing rights from Lojer Oy in the 1980s. Between 1995 and 2004, the company expanded its operations through further acquisitions. In 2006, the company overhauled its brand, which is when the Lojer product name also became the company name. The Vammala Konepaja name no longer sent the message of a modern healthcare technology manufacturer.

Part 10:

Lojer’s eastern trade took off after several slow years, when a company representation was established in Russia in 2009. At the same time, the product range was significantly adjusted to match the Russian market and needs. The sales target of 5 million was achieved in a mere two years instead of the estimated five!⠀

The high-quality Lojer products manufactured in Finland have since been a success throughout the world. The most distant export destinations include Chile, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. Lojer provided, for example, 70 operating tables and accessories to Indonesia in 2016. This was the largest single delivery in the history of Lojer, with a total value of approximately two million euros.

Part 11:

Lojer has always invested in product development. A good example of this is the Lojer Scandia operating table, which was released in 2008 and is equipped with state-of-the-art features. When it was released it was widely praised by professionals for its design, usability and technical features.⠀

The Manuthera 242 mobilization table has been called the most versatile treatment table in the world. Equipped with unique features and globally patented, this mobilization table has won several awards. In January 2017 Lojer received an award in the Fennia Prize competition for the Manuthera mobilization table's innovative product design and advanced technical engineering.

Part 12:

Seppo Suuriniemi, the CEO of Vammalan Konepaja from 1979 to 2005:⠀

"The work culture in Vammalan Konepaja and the current Lojer is well demonstrated by the fact that sons have followed their fathers' footsteps to the same workplace. These days, the work is done by 150 capable people in four countries. This development would not have been possible without a committed and extremely skilled workforce, to whom we wish a good next decade, at the end of which there will be the 100-year milestone of the company."⠀

As a result of its history of nearly a hundred years, the product range of Lojer currently includes f.ex. hospital and care equipment, operating tables, treatment and massage tables, medical training products and physiotherapy equipment.⠀

Have a great Independence Day Finland - let's make the next 100 years at least as successful as the first century!